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Black Tot "Last Consignment" Rum (England) 750ML

Producer Notes: On July 31, 1970 at 11:00 am, the last rum ration was issued aboard the ships of the Royal Navy, thus ending a 300 year-old tradition. This day would be come to be known as Black Tot Day.

While the last rum rations had already been given out, there was the matter of the left over rum to deal with, so the remaining rum stocks were transferred from their warehouses in Deptford, Gosport and Devonport to a government bonded warehouse. Here the large oak marrying casks were emptied into wicker-clad imperial gallon stone flagons, and there they sat for nearly forty years, save the occasional pour at state dinners and royal weddings.

Naval records indicate the rum was imported to England from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad in oak casks by E.D & F. Man & Co., rum merchants to the Royal Navy since 1784. While the precise age is unknown, records indicate this rum was likely distilled in the 1940’s.

THE COLOUR: Bright, yet deep mahogany cut with flashes of ruby.

THE NOSE: Initial treacle notes precede dark chocolate with super-ripe black fruits, muscovado sugar and walnuts. A drop of water releases notes of black banana, liquorice root, tamarind paste with and exotic edge of balsamic.

THE PALATE: Starts off thick and sweet, becoming light and oaky before a burst of cassis / creme de mures then espresso & cacao.

THE FINISH: Very long with light scented wood, black fruits and cigar tobacco.

THE STRENGTH: Remarkably, after 40 years. The Black Tot comes in a beautiful box complete with a silver-lined 1/2 gill cup and a book about naval rum traditions.


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