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Lemon Drop Kit - EL Guapo, Beluga, Riedel x 2

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Beluga Noble Russian Vodka (Russia) 375ML: "The first batch of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka was produced in 2002. It was the first and the dearest to our hearts! This was the result of the meticulous hard work of the Mariinsk Distillery masters. The refined, rich taste of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka results from its unique composition, mainly due to the malt spirit and the purest water of the Siberian artesian wells. This helps to smooth the taste of vodka.

These carefully selected natural components pass through a triple filtering system. Afterwards, Beluga Noble is left to rest for thirty days. Such method helps to neutralize the harsh smell of the spirit and to enhance the rich taste and soft flavor of Beluga Russian Noble Vodka."


El Guapo's Lemon Drop Mixer (Louisiana) 16oz: "Our Lemon Drop Mixer is the best party accessory. Simply pour in a shaker over ice, add 2 oz of vodka & strain into a martini glass for the perfect Lemon Drop Martini. Rim with sugar prior to straining for a fancy treat.

This mixer is also the perfect natural replacement for sour mix. Make refreshing spiked lemonades, whiskey and amaretto sours as well as zero proof drinks."

Suggested Use: Pour 2oz of El Guapo Lemon Drop Mixer and 2oz of vodka into a shaker filled with ice. Shanke until well chilled and strain into a sugar rimmed martini glass. Garnish with a fresh lemon wheel.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Lemon Jice and Citric Acid Spices.

Info: Gluten Free * Non-GMO * Vegetarian * Responsibly Sourced * Woman Owned

One 16oz Bottle = 8 Servings


RIEDEL DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE Nick & Nora: The Nick & Nora glass is part of the latest revolutionary collection from RIEDEL Barware, named Drink Specific Glassware. This glass was named after the characters in the timeless thriller “The Thin Man”, and ensures an effortless and chic sip, delivering the drink without forcing the tilt of the head.

All current produced items are made of crystal glass and lead free.
Machine-made and dishwasher safe.

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