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RY3 Rye Whiskey, Rum Cask Finish (Virginia) 750ML: Ry3 is a special blend of 3 phenomenal whiskeys, 3 carefully handpicked mash-bills, and 3 distinctive aged statements, that are meticulously blended with artisanal distinction to create this magical liquid.

The culmination of this beautifully well-balanced whiskey is finished in vintage rum casks, resulting in a sipping experience of silky-smooth rye whiskey with layers of fruity and complex notes from the rum barrels.

Tasting Panel, 95 Points: "The blend of three whiskies (American and Canadian rye), three mash bills and three age statements add up to RY3, a sumptuous and heavenly honeycombed mouthful of peach nectar and maple bran. White pepper punctuates an otherwise seamless coat of orange peel, vanilla musk, and cigar leaf. At 100 proof, it shines."


Ron Izalco 10yr Rum (Central America) 750ML: Featuring a dark amber color with rich copper hues, Ron Izalco first awakens your senses with a fruity aroma reminiscent of apricots, prunes, honey, caramel, freshly-squeezed cane juice and jaggery. On the palate, it opens up smooth and mellow, slowly unfolding a complex body of rum, congeners with undertones of American Oak, toasted nots and sweet pipe tobacco. The finish is long and satisfying, enhanced by patiently-oxidized tannins that combine perfectly with there rich flavors of the rum, resulting in a rewarding sipping experience that begs to be repeated over and over again.


RIEDEL DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE NEAT: The Neat Glass is part of the latest revolutionary collection from RIEDEL Barware, named Drink Specific Glassware. This glass has been specifically designed with small proportions for neat drinks or spirit-focused cocktails. It is designed to be cradled by the hand of the imbiber for ultimate comfort.

What's more, its intelligent design shows an exact measure of 60ml for neat and efficient pours.

All current produced items are made of crystal glass and lead free.
Machine-made and dishwasher safe.

Retail Price: $149.80/for 2 btls & 2 glasses

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