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Raicilla Bonete Costa (Jalsisco, Mexico) 750ML

This is an ensemble of around 60% angustifolia but locally called "Chico Aguiar" and 40% "Amarillo" which is a type of Rhodacantha (you know as Mexicano) but its a bit different than Oaxaca Mexicano. These are the local names as its proper to Raicilla. The Angustifolia is around 7-9 years old when harvested and the Amarillo is around 12 years. Fermentation times are 8-12 days, the longer being in winter. These are distilled in tree trunk stills, the packaging will highlight the tree distillation. The family believes in farming by way of hijuelos and then moving the plants away from each other for room to grow. This concept is very different than say what Graciela or William would preach. This just goes to show you how different knowledge and tradition can be from one family to another. This is my favorite expression, its very intense and tastes like smoked meats. Robert Horton, Importer
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Jalisco, Mexico
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