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Rey Campero "BLEND of 4" Mexicano, Cuishe, Tepeztate, Coyote (Oaxaca, Mexico) 750ML


Distillery Notes: Harvested together in February of 2019, these four rare agave (including the Sanchez family’s Coyote, which in local parlance indicates a wild hybrid – in this case, of Agave potatorum and Agave karwinskii) were cooked together, co-fermented and distilled into one stellar and outrageous batch. Bragging rights if there ever were such a thing in ensamble mezcales, Romulo set this batch aside to rest for 15 months in glass before bottling as a Special Edition release in to honor the fifth Anniversary of the family’s brand, Rey Campero, and their partnership with importer Heavy Métl. With a velvety and tingling mouthfeel reminiscent of kiwi skin and eucalyptus, this batch explodes with flavor, from petrichor to cilantro, grilled pineapple to pine needles, green apple to jalapeño! Limited to just 360 bottles worldwide, this is a blend of agave never to be seen again.

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Oaxaca, Mexico
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