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Savage and Cooke "WHISKEY JESUS 2021: 01-04" Single Barrel, Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey (California) 750ML


CVW&S Notes: THIS IS A FIRST!   If you are familiar with Savage & Cooke Whiskey’s, then you know that Phinney has always used a matte black bottle.  Marketing-wise, it looks amazing.  That said, true whiskey connoisseurs want to see the color of the juice in the bottle.  We are one of the FIRST to receive Savage & Cooke Bourbon in a CLEAR BOTTLE!

BARREL# OH3 registers at 56.5% ALC or 113 PROOF (S&C Burning Chair 44%), but don’t let those numbers fool you this Bourbon is ridiculously balanced, rich and delicious.  Truly, we have been drinking (sorry, tasting) this baby neat, but the addition of large rock/ball or a cut of water will help ease the heat for those looking for something a little lighter.

The Mash Bill consists of 75% Corn, 21% Rye and 4% Malted Barley, aged in American Oak barrels for 6+ years!  This particular barrel, OH3, was one of the first to be brought to Mare Island to continue its aging process in the new distillery.  Situated on the San Pablo Bay, there are wild swings almost every day with chill night and mooring air being contrasted by steamy afternoons.  The barrels aggressively expand and contrast creating an amazing mouthfeel with a spicy chewiness, now a specific character synonymous with S&C Mare Island Bourbon!  Your palate will be overwhelmed with brown sugar, caramel (lots of caramel) butterscotch, vanilla bean and toasty oak.  Honestly, it’s going to be hard to beat this barrel pick in the future…it’s just that DAMN GOOD."

VIP DISTILLERY TASTING INCLUDED?!? SAY WHAT!?! Full transparency, this is the last time the distillery will be offering this exclusive opportunity of a VIP TOUR/TASTING TICKET with their “Barrel Pick” program.

Each bottle comes with a tag (shown above) which allows access for ONE PERSON per ticket (strictly one person) a full VIP DISTILLERY TOUR & TASTING at the SAVAGE & COOKE, MARE ISLAND DISTILLERY ($40 value) which consequently, is re-opening to the public this weekend.  We were fortunate enough to experience this tour in March and it was unequivocally the best distillery experience on the West Coast.

Remember, DO NOT LOSE THIS TICKET as we CANNOT REPLACE them.  All ticketed VIP tours/tastings must be scheduled IN ADVANCE by phone.  An information card will be given with your purchase.


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