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David Nicholson Bourbon & Riedel NEAT Glasses

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DAVID NICHOLSON 1843: A ‘wheated’ bourbon that provides an exceptionally smooth flavor and finish. Winner of the Double Gold at San Francisco World Spirits competition, 1843's award-winning taste is appreciated from coast to coast.

NOSE: Rich scents of honey and butter are followed by subtle hints of vanilla and oak.

PALATE: Exceptionally smooth to start, followed by woody, smoky overtones, with a long, warm finish with a touch of spice.


DAVID NICHOLSON RESERVE: : An extra-aged ‘ryed’ bourbon that provides full-bodied flavor and a distinct, spicy taste.

NOSE: Notes of honey and vanilla with smoky undertones..

PALATE: The woody, smoky tones you expect, followed by an exceptionally smooth finish with undertones of oak and mild spice.


RIEDEL DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE NEAT: The Neat Glass is part of the latest revolutionary collection from RIEDEL Barware, named Drink Specific Glassware. This glass has been specifically designed with small proportions for neat drinks or spirit-focused cocktails. It is designed to be cradled by the hand of the imbiber for ultimate comfort.

What's more, its intelligent design shows an exact measure of 60ml for neat and efficient pours.

All current produced items are made of crystal glass and lead free.
Machine-made and dishwasher safe.

Retail Price: $93.85/for 2 btls & 2 Riedel NEAT Glasses

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