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Nolet's Silver Dry Gin (Holland)

93PTS W.E.

Producer Notes: "NOLET’S Silver Gin is crafted with 11 generations of family distilling experience. The gin is made in small batches using a specially commissioned copper still that combines pot still and column still distillation. It’s an undeniable modern take on gin that features real botanicals of rose, peach and raspberry.
The botanicals are individually macerated and then distilled to allow each to become fully expressed in its signature flavor. The gin base and botanical extracts are then married and allowed to rest in order to fully integrate the botanical flavors. This results in a smooth, balanced spirit with soft floral aromas, a fruit-driven palate, and a classic dry finish."

Wine Enthusiast, 93 Points & 100 Best Spirits of 2021: Nolet's Silver features fresh notes of Turkish rose, peach and raspberry. These botanicals were specially selected and are individually macerated and then distilled to give the gin its distinctive, all-natural flavor and aromas. Peaches lend a fresh sweet flavor, Turkish rose adds a light, refined air, and raspberry adds a robust and slightly tart flavor to the gin.

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