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Tequila Ocho "8/8/8" Extra Anejo (Mexico) 750ML

Distillery Notes:
Aged 8 Years 8 Months, Vintage 2008

El Carrizal is 1978m above sea level with the typical red soil earth of the Los Altos highlands. Warm days and cooler nights give the agave both a sweetness and an acidity. When balanced, these two elements create a harmonious drinking experience as with wine. COLOR: Pale and bright for an extra Añejo due to the face that the barrels have had 6-7 earlier fillings. AROMA: Aroma – Salt caramel, acetone, mint, floral hints, cedar, cooked turnips, molasses, olive brine, opens to sharp perfumed candied fruits, seaweed, celery. PALATE: Thick, rich mouth feel, butter, butterscotch, dry and lively fruit, cacao, cooked mint, coffee, mellow French oak finish, opens up after 5 minutes to a wide strata of flavors, hints of cognac.
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