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Ruinart Blanc Singulier 18th Edition (France)


Producer Notes: Adapting to the ever-changing natural environment, Ruinart has perfected its know-how and created a new expression of chardonnay. Ruinart Blanc Singulier embodies the distinctiveness of each year's wines, reflecting the variations in climate and the essence of that specific vintage.

In response to the evolving temperatures in Champagne, the shortened vine cycle, and the accelerated maturation process, chardonnay shows different aromatic profiles with increased fruitiness and spiciness. These climate-exposed chardonnays exhibit a harmonious balance between aromatic families, intensified expression, and a texture characterised by roundness and power.
EDITION 18: Ruinart Blanc Singulier Edition 18 is composed of 100% chardonnay from 80% of wines from the harvest in 2018 and 20% of reserve wines. It is made mainly from about twenty vintages, from the Côte des Blancs but also from the Montagne de Reims, the Coteaux d'Epernay and Sézannais.

COLOUR: The wine’s colour is a clear, bright golden yellow with subtle green highlights.

NOSE: The aromatic profile reveals juicy and sweet fruit notes reminiscent of white peach, mirabelle plum, and exotic fruits. Accompanying these fruity aromas are hints of yellow citrus fruits with candied peel, adding a touch of brightness. Delicate floral scents, particularly honeysuckle, lend a honeyed and inviting character. Subtle hints of aromatic herbs like pine, sage, and rosemary contribute to the aromatic complexity. As the scent evolves, gentle undertones of blond sugar, vanilla, and subtle brioche-like pastry notes emerge, complemented by a delicate touch of fresh almonds.

PALATE: The initial taste sensation is vibrant and lively, swiftly transitioning into a rounded and robust texture. This remarkable mouthfeel imparts a unique sense of expansiveness to the wine. It conveys a delightful impression of substance, offering flavors of ripe peach, pear, and hints of candied lemon, with the subtle presence of their velvety skins. The wine's impressive length is accompanied by enticing spicy notes, culminating in a harmonious finish of delicate vanilla nuances.

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