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Baldacci Vineyards "Pop" Sparkling Wine NV (Napa Valley, CA)

Producer Notes: I started thinking about bubbles after a trip to France with my father in the spring of 2018. Our objective on the trip was to taste and experience everything French and I was particularly intrigued by Champagne. I thought that it would be interesting to utilize the two typical varieties that make up traditional Champagne, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but to put a California spin on the style.

I decided to make the base wine from fruit grown from our Carneros vineyard. This year I focused on a Brut Rosé style which is more fruity yet still bone dry. The soft pinkish color seems more festive and supports the intention to drink this wine to celebrate any occasion, great or small. The bubbles are very fine and elegant and the flavor profile is all wild red fruits with a hint of toasted almonds. The lack of residual sugar keeps the wine bright and crisp.

Bubbles to me are about freshness and bringing alertness to my palate. I use bubbles to “wake up” my taste buds and to inform them that this is just the first round of a bigger wine experience!

- Michael Baldacci


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Napa Valley, CA
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